Mixed media assemblage embedded in polyester resin. Found and generated objects placed in a 3 dimensional collage. The embedment process lets me play around with a 'lack of gravity' situation. I can also use things or methods that are fragile or transient, the resin preserves objects in a way similar to insects trapped in amber. This piece, a found mannequin hand, beetle, silk flower, along with strips of mirrored plexiglass, was one of my earliest examples of these embedded projects. It is unusual compared to most of these pieces of mine in that it is an open piece,with the resin embedment unhindered by any display box on the sides or the back. This block of resin is mounted to a base of wood laminated in purple,trimmed out with two frames of flourescent pink plexiglass at the bottom. The block of clear resin was cut to add facets to the piece to break up the image as you looked into it form the top or sides. The back view is a piece of flourescent pink plexiglass rising up from the base that has a found image of a skeletal hand the matches fairly well with the found mannequin hand, serving as a sort of x-ray view of the hand. I was at first going to draw on the image of the hand, adding in the beetle but opted not to.